There are particular elements in life that we must deal with on a daily basis. The over sexualization of those black people who are considered more attractive has gone overboard. There are ideas and ideologies that center around black woman becoming whores and wasting themselves attempting to find the right type of pleasure. Will it be money, fame, attention, love, vanity, or drama. There are so many negative roles that black woman are expected to play, and in return we receive a fake amount of power. This power exists as black girl magic. I’m not black, I am simply a pigmented human being. Take out the girl and you get black magic. What is black magic?


Black magic is particularly associated with the use of supernaturals powers or magic for evil and selfish purposes. It is associated with a spiritual death especially regarding men. Black magic has been around since the beginning of time and has taken many souls down a hell hole of pain. One simple association can ruin your livelihood. There is also something refereed to as karma, and using magic can create a full circle for your life. I am no witch or magician, I’m just pointing out the facts. You have to be careful using certain words and phrases. Black girl magic is not something to play around with. 


Magic in general can be beautiful. Illusions of thought can be bountiful. There’s nothing wrong with magic, just make sure its not black. And if your going to manipulate things, don’t do it for selfish gain only. 


None of what is being written is for personal gain or to tear anyone down. Black woman in todays time need to be aware of the rhetoric they are feeding. There is currently a witch hunt taking place in the United States of America and calling yourself a witch will eventually backfire. Its a very popular theme now and witches are ugly bitches. Why would you ever associate your name with that nonsense?


Supposedly, being a manipulator is not for the nice girl. Nice woman don’t intend to manipulate people. That’s not a popular trend for a nice girl. Nice woman stand upright in attempting to get what they want. They don’t manipulate or try peoples hands for self gain. That’s what they say. 


In speaking on manipulation, even nice girls who try their hardest can still be manipulative at some points. Manipulation has the potential to become a form of witchcraft. It can work through gossip, hearsay, seesay, and accidental from people who run their mouths. Sometimes we talk too much too soon. Humans today are super unforgiving at times and within a matter of time friendships are lost because someone is attempting to manipulate someone else to get their way. Manipulation in a negative space or train of thought is not a tactic recommended for anyone, especially those who seek true love and successful relationships. 


True love and fake love are definitely accurate descriptions of what people in todays society have to deal with. In some cases admiration can be fake. People may not understand fake admiration right away, however it is the cause of pain for so many. The person giving and receiving this admiration suffers. The giver is attempting to force a dead space to open. The receiver is receiving the negative energy of that dead space. Remember that dead space is an opportunity for manipulation of emotions. That space can produce nothing positive for anyone. 


In the future let us look to not manipulate others, but to actually uplift others. Let us not call upon witches for help, but look to God as he will supply all of our needs according to his riches and glory by Christ Jesus. (Philippians 4:19) Being a Christian is beautiful. There’s nothing wrong with it, and its also not a white mans religion as the ignorant may say. Yes although the Bible has been manipulated over time, be aware that those manipulators will suffer the wrath of God. Have faith and trust, however also realize that faith without works is dead. (James 2:17) Do not operate in dead energy. Do not think that you will get what you want out of life without any type of effort. That’s not how life was designed to work. Pray and also make moves. You have to move, you have to learn, you have to process. Life is a process. If God is by your side, who can be against you? However do not think you will go through life easily without making an effort to learn and do better. 


This take has been sponsored by the thoughts and life experiences of those coming into contact with me and others on a daily basis. I hope you enjoyed Act 1: Manipulation. 

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