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Trying to understand life after my brother passed away has been a weird journey. Through this journey my daughter has acquired the skill of art that has been passed down to her by our ancestors and we welcome this gift. This character she has created through me explaining the vision of a piece I have had a hard time finding that my brother made for me is very special. Blurred & existing in this space is what this piece represents. Spinning the lines of time and resurrecting my inner child. Please enjoy this piece. 

Heartbreak Again (A Poem for Life) 

Heartbreak Again…..

Here you are again

Visiting me as if I called

The last time I saw you was in a vision

The last time I saw you you forgot to call

The last time I saw you I told you I put up a wall

I told you you couldn't break it down

I told you to disappear and never come back

Your like that monster under the bed

Appears every now and then, but never well read

Never really showing your true self

And then you did

You showed your true self and I looked on in amazement

It was like exploring a jungle in the body of Tarzan

But I was Jane

An observer

Sometimes a participant when you lifted me off the ground

Showed me your true self and then turned around

Turned your back on me, on love, on what is true

Lied and lied and lied with all the proof

When you come back I won't be here to save you

When I see you again I will not say hello to you

I hate you.
I forgive you. 



Throughout life I have learned the most important aspects depend on mental health. If your mind isn't right then you will ultimately fail in developing work life balance. This is something I have struggled with for the past few months. I put everything else before myself and these actions have lead to confusion in different parts of my life. I ultimately had to develop a plan to ensure my mind is healthy. Instead of spiraling completely out of control, I have chosen to take control of my life through participating in activites I love. Let's take a tour of my mind. 

Years ago, my brother Matt drew a picture of me as a samurai in a kimono, WWE style. This artwork motivated and reminded me that I could conquer the world. I moved around a lot and didn't really keep track of where I kept that specific picture. Matt passed on some years back, and I still don't know where that picture is. I asked my daughter to create a reindition of what I lost, and this artiwork above is the creation she came up with. I absolutely love it, and I trademarked it as her first official piece of artwork. It is esteeming to be able to recreate something that mattered so much. 

Music is my life. I write lyrics to music, make beats, produce, i'm an all around artist. Music is a big outlet for me regarding my mental health. I have strived to be able to make music that is more meaningful as of late. I have been successful in that stride. My first project was called Monica Sheri. Monica Sheri was an introduction to who I am as an artist, and how diverse I am. I enjoy playing with sounds and wordplay on my own productions. This project, though not mixed well, is very special to me and shows my range as an artist. Merry Trapmiss was my second project. Merry Trapmiss was very explicit, but I recorded it in my own room and mixed it myself. I received an excited response to that album, but I took it down recently because it was so explicit. I have no problem with explicit lyrics in a sense, however I like to watch my words nowadays because I am raising a daughter. Kids watch everything you do, so you must be careful of the example your setting for them. 

My third project is called Trapmiss Vol. 1. This project is explicit, however not in a degrading way. Trapmiss Vol. 1 is available for all to listen to on all streaming platforms, along with my last project Trapmisser. I did create a Merry Trapmiss 2, however I removed the project because there were some songs I would like to recreate. 

My social media marketing career began with music and will continue on through it. As said before, art and music help me control my mental. Being able to post about something I love does a lot for me in terms of accepting myself as I am. Without being able to create music and share it with people, I don't know where I would be mentally. I've received many positive responses and my legacy will continue on. 


To build on how music helps my mental health, let me first announce that I am a 90's kid in and out. I love 90's hip hop & rnb especially. There are certain projects that helped me get through, and in todays time, I still from time to time discover older artists that assist my music junkie type addiction. I have also become somewhat of a streetwear enthusiast over the years. I love how music & fashion blend to create what we call in today's time “The Culture.” This cultural blend of the two world's of art and music has helped so many people get through the negativity in society, and confirm to something more positive. Now not all music is positive, and although violent messages should be forbidden, they aren't. I think everyone has a gang anthem they love, especially 90's kids. 

Social media advertising costs a lot of money, however through my love of art and music, I have been able to create a support system that actually purchases my music and my apparel. Through music and art I plan on making Monica Sheri Music the best personal digital marketing agency ever. As I focus on my mental health, I am able to share my art and feelings with the world. It really doesn't get any better than that. You can find social media links to my pages below. Thank you for your support.



In today's time the drill scene is what we call gangster rap. It would be perfectly fine if there weren't so many artist's attempting to prove they are a gangster in real life as well. People emulate what they think others want them to act like. This is a problem that affects many people regarding their mental health. I will explore this topic in my next blog “Music Matters 4 The Mind.” Thank you for tuning in. Enjoy the photo below, as it is one of my favorites for social media advertising. Make sure you comment and suscribe to “The Trapmiss Blog.